At Plateau Theatre we know that an actor is like an athlete. To reach his goals he must develop his technique and train relentlessly while deeply exploring his character and the reality of his given circumstances. Our discipline: acting. Category: realistic.


We support actors interested in the realistic style of acting and have offered them a safe place to practice and push their limits. The creative gym, the showcases, the web-series’ and the theatrical plays which we produced were breeding grounds of transformation in the quality of work done by many actors. After a work session the feeling of satisfaction and well-being is palpable among the participants. This feeling allows them to reconnect with the deep motivation that drives them to further develop as actors: the joy of acting, of surpassing oneself; the joy of doing the work.


From its inception, the goal at Intentional Dreams Productions Inc founded in 2006 (IDP) was to have a theatre from which our artists could create and present productions which they identify with, where they could play characters they were drawn to and where they could do so in their own time. The caterpillar spent a long time in its cocoon, but actions are the seed of fate deeds grow into destiny. We now have our own intimate theatre space where members and friends of the company will be presenting cinematic theatre.


For 12 years IDP has helped me grow, has allowed me to pursue my artistic development. This company is my anchor and I strongly believe in the benefits it can contribute to an actor’s evolution. That’s why I decided to take the directorial reins and charge into the avenue that has opened before us. While developing the theatre’s image and supporting our actors’ creative development I will do my utmost to put strategies in place that will facilitate theatrical creation in our venue.


We are stronger than ever, we are ready for the events to come, and with great impatience we prepare for the unveiling of our upcoming productions…

Mélanie Elliott

Artistic director

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Émilie Massé



Eva Becmeur



Yean-Ju Kim



Valérie Gagnon-Laniel



Melanie Elliott