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Plateau Theatre, a company operated by Intentional Dreams Productions Inc, is a not-for-profit bilingual volunteer driven company with it's own 25 seat intimite theatre. It's an active studio, a place where it's volunteer members can get together and create self produced presentations, including plays, short films and/or web series. Its creation is born out of the founding members’ passion for realistic acting.



Our mission at Plateau Theatre is to provide a facility where our members can create according to the principals of the Realistic School of Acting; self produce and present a variety of productions with a well-advised choice of repertoire that truly represents all the creative aspects of the company and by so doing, allow its members to assemble, collaborate, develop and blossom in a wide range of aspects such as acting, writing, directing and self-producing.



Plateau Theatre has evolved from a company called Intentional Dreams Productions Inc founded in 2006. Plateau Theatre members aim to pursue the study of acting according to the realistic school, inspired by renowned actors and teachers such as Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Cheryl Crawford and Harold Clurman and what they did in New York in the 1930's by committing to the study of the Stanislavski Method. Their belief in and passion for this work method resulted in the foundation of the famous “Group Theatre Company”, after they witnessed a performance of Stanislavski's “Moscow Art Theatre Company” touring in North America. At that time, they had never seen such realistic, believable acting! Then came the famous New York Actor's Studio in 1947. Today we continue to work with the essence of realistic acting here in Montreal with Gilles Plouffe and John Strasberg, son of Lee Strasberg, who is one of the last direct descendants of this work method that has had an international influence in both the Film and Theatre industries. 




A bilingual* individual, who has trained or worked as an actor according to the principles of the "Realistic School of Acting" is eligible to become a Member of the company.


An individual who would like to apply to become an Active Member of the Company must:

  • - Submit a letter of intention accompanied by a photo and a resume.

  • - Agree to a one (1) year trial period with a first review after three (3) months.

  • - Commit to respect the Policy & Procedures and all company agreements.

EXCEPTIONS : The Company may override the admission conditions if an artist can show proof of an established professional reputation acceptable to the members of the Management Team.

*An individual who can understand, read and speak in both French and English.


The Company is composed active Full Members.


The full member has full rights and obligations as per the status of membership of the Company. This includes the right to vote at Annual General Meetings and the elections of Board members. A member is considered active if he has paid his dues and is actively involved in at least one (1) in-house production and completion as a volunteer of one operational company activity during the year.


A collaborator is a person who has been offered a specific temporary engagement with the company.


The yearly membership fee and rental fees for the use of the space are set by the Board of Directors.

                                                                                                      (MEMBERSHIP Contributions payments)


   John Strasberg Studios

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